Healing Hands, Unsung Voices

What was the world of Geelong’s  legendary Thomas Ambrose Bowen (1916-1982) really like? What do those who flocked to him  have to say about his talent to “fix them” when credentialed and envious others failed? Step into Tom’s  time – the ’40s to early ’80s, brought alive by the memory of touch and  his attentive, but no-fuss presence.  Meet his grateful patients and Rene Horwood, loyal clinic organiser and enduring ally to the end.  There’s Ron Garner, a forgotten comate till now who stops awhile bringing gifts of  White Magic.  Be surprised at what’s in store and what three of his professional apprentices Drs. Neave, Smeeton and Ryan  reveal about Tom’s healing hands and the unsung finesse at the heart of  his work.  Former politician Rod Mackenzie, OAM shows us  the  parliamentary gates that opened to the cold, regulatory winds of change that robbed  Tom of  due recognition for his life’s accomplishments. With Heather, a daughter’s insight;  join sister Agnes in childhood and at the end for a forbidden cigarette. Finally, a second leg amputation courted by the cause of his untimely death.  

Healing Hands, Unsung Voices is a celebratory centennial anthology in memory of a gifted and exceptional human being. 

Available through all major online sellers, Amazon, Fishpond, Book Depository, Booktopia etc and Ebay.  Prices vary so shop around. A small stock is held by the author for local sales and nationally. 

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