Benefits of Saunas- Far Infra Red and Finnish 

BodyMind Studio is equipped with a Healthstart Far Infra Red Sauna and a Finnish Sauna

Far InfraRed (FIR) sauna:

If you are a sauna lover, and looking for a more gentle sauna experience you'll love the FIR sauna. The sauna provides a wonderful experience that is therapeutic for circulation, relaxation, stimulating the immune system, and provides relief from muscular tension, aches and pains.

The FIR saunas are also popularly promoted for use in detoxification and weight loss and for a warm up before exercise.  For more information:

Enjoy listening to relaxing music or the colour therapy options available in the unit.

The sauna is a Healthstart Gemini 2-seater, so you can sauna with your partner, accompany a child who has been prescribed far infrared treatment by a specialist, or sauna solo.


Finnish Sauna

The Studio also has an Outdoor Finnish Sauna constructed of western red cedar equipped with 2 upper benches and 1 lower bench (all 2 metres long).

If you love the traditional sauna experience, enjoy a peaceful session by yourself or with a friend. Some information about the benefits of the Finnish Sauna is described at

Work up a healthy sweat with the relaxing essential oils of eucalyptus, bergamot, sage and geranium to uplift and soothe away tension, aches and pains.