Naturopathic support to optimise wellbeing

Complementing Bowen and Massage therapy with health screening and natural remedies

Many aches, pains and system imbalances are often due to poor posture, strain, mis-alignments and injuries - long past and present.

Bodywork such as Bowen therapy and massage and Migun therapy can assist with re-balancing the body as well as alleviating psychological stress.

However, aches and pains can also be an indicator that other health issues are behind our symptoms, and these and our diet and nutritional status need tending and boosting as well. naturopath belmont for healthy weight loss

At the Studio integrated and supportive strategies can be customised and developed for:

  • Digestive health, gut repair and liver detoxification protocols
  • Bone, joint and muscle health
  • Balancing hormonal issues that are contributing to discomfort, pain and low energy,
  • Metabolic syndrome (obesity or weigh gain caused by metabolic imbalances)
Taking the time out to do a health and wellness appraisal or other screening assessment targeted to your concerns can help to identify areas of health risk and issues requiring extra support through a modified or new approach to restore well being.

Inexpensive clinic tests are available at the Studio, and where indicated, clients have access to a range of non-medicare external laboratory tests.

These tests attract separate fees as charged by the test kit manufacturer or laboratory service.

Simple screening tests are available at BodyMind Studio for eg pH (acid/alkali balance), and urinary indican test (indicates if gut dysbiosis due to overgrowth of unfavourable flora in the gut) .  These tests incur a small fee.  BodyMind Studio can facilitate access to special test kits or laboratory services for more in-depth functional pathology assessments where required.


 Laboratory tests are available to provide more information on concerns that are affecting wellbeing. These include:

  • sex hormone profiles (female and male)
  • thyroid hormone profiles and antibodies
  • adrenal hormone profiles (cortisol and DHEA)
  • gastrointestinal testing and profiles - including functional liver detoxification, intestinal permeability, parasites, stool analysis
  • food sensitivity profiles
  • Nutritional status
  • Assessing eg candida status

These tests can involve going to a pathology centre to give blood, or using a test kit that you receive from the laboratory, complete at home and return direct to the laboratory for analysis. The home tests rely on urine or saliva sampling, or eg hair for hair and and mineral analysis, and stool samples for gastro-intestinal analysis.

The results assist in informing a treatment strategy by using natural remedies to provide support and restore balance to your health.

Enquiries are welcome about laboratory tests and charges and the kinds of tests available.